Level 10 Team

Top Row (LtoR): Kate Wolbart, Anaya Smith, Sarah Zois, Logan Smith, Julia Heiner, Trinity Brown

Bottom Row: Hailey Merchant, Adelina Rodrigues, Katie Ours, Holly Snyder, Ronni Binstock, Hannah Munnelly

Docksiders Gymnastics is well known for its top notch Level 10 gymnasts.  Our Level 10's train 5 days a week for 4 hours at a time for a total of 20 hours per week.  They travel around the country to top level competitions throughout the nation. Our program has incredibly strict standards and a very high level of difficulty.  Many Docksiders gymnasts who continue in the sport through high school earn scholarships to universities all over the U.S.  College recruiters have come to expect the best from gymnasts who come from Docksiders, and they are highly sought after by the top universities in the NCAA. It takes a very dedicated and determined individual to train at this high level.  Docksiders has established a reputation of excellence and the Level 10's live it every day!



Monday 3:30 7:30 pm

Tuesday 3:30 7:30 pm

Wednesday 3:30 7:30 pm

Thursday 3:30 7:30 pm

Sunday 4:00 8:00 pm


2018-19 Competition Schedule


2018-19 Season Highlights

Event Champions and All Around top 3 are recognized

Christmas on the Chesapeake


Anaya Smith Vault, Floor, All Around Champion

Katie Ours Bars, All Around Champion

Hailey Merchant Floor, All Around Champion

Holly Snyder Vault Champion

Hannah Munnelly 3rd All Around



Gymstrada Invitational

Level 10


L to R: Sarah Zois, Kate Wolbart, Ronni Binstock, Hailey Merchant, Katie Ours,

Anaya Smith, Hannah Munnelly, Julia Heiner, Holly Snyder, Trinity Brown

Ronni Binstock Bars, Floor, All Around Champion

Hannah Munnelly 2nd All Around

Anaya Smith Vault Champion, 3rd All Around

Julia Heiner Beam Champion, 4th All Around

Sarah Zois 5th All Around

Kate Wolbart 6th All Around

Hailey Merchant All Around Champion

Holly Snyder Vault, Floor Champion, 2nd All Around

Trinity Brown 5th All Around