Docksiders Collegiate Competitors


Docksiders has had numerous gymnasts compete at the collegiate level, including:

Alanna Bailey – University of Michigan

Ronni Binstock – Western Michigan University

Natalie Bracciale – Towson University

Carrie Burk – Brigham Young University

Molly Burk – Towson University

Melanie Brother –Rutgers University

Leigh Capello – Penn State University

Kristen DeLuca – Rutgers University

Tynisha Dennis – West Virginia University

Sara Dolan – NC State University

Kelly Duffy – Louisiana State University

Monica Durham – Ursinus College

Amy Ehle – University of New Hampshire

Lisa Engl – Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Betsy Erickson – University of Washington

Rachel Fincham –NC State University

Toi Garcia – Auburn University

Krista Gole – University of Alabama

Alexis Greene – University of Arizona

Alexis Gross – University of Kentucky

Brianna Guy – Auburn University

Lisa Hartman – Oklahoma State University

Alicia Hopke – West Chester University

Rebekah Jenkins – University of Pittsburgh

Stacey Jewitt – Auburn University

Joy Johnson – Unversity of Maryland

Amy Langendorf – NC State University

Heather Launse – University of Pittsburgh

Lori Lebo – University of Northern Illinois

Rene Lyst – Penn State University

Stefani Light – Ohio State University

Erin MacNabb – Texas Women’s University

Celia Manson – University of Maryland, Baltimore

Lindsay Margenthaler – Brockport State

Ashley Martel – Ithaca College

Shannon Mastrogianis – University of Maryland

Sarah Meiklejohn – Towson University

Hannah Munnelly – George Washington University

Meghan Nicollini – University of Nebraska

Stephanie Ouellette – NC State University

Andrea Petrocelli – NC State University

Linda Petrone – United States Naval Academy

Zachary Pietsch – Arizona State University

Katie Plummer – NC State University

Maria Ramsey – Ball State University

Michelle Reyes – United States Naval Academy

Rhonda Riggs – Duke University

Kathryn Roblyer – Gettysburg University

Gemma Robison – NC State University

Chelcie Rosborough – Southern Connecticut State University

Annie Rue – University of Iowa

Katie Rue – University of Florida

Caryn Saunders – University of Illinois – Chicago

Michelle Sessions – University of Georgia

Mary Shevlin – University of Rhode Island

Becky Singleton – University of Pittsburgh

Lilly Siems – Brown University

Anaya Smith – Arizona State University

Logan Smith – Towson University

Anne Sugden – Towson University

Miranda Telmanik – Auburn University

Megan Vernon – Iowa State University

Tracy Weaver – University of New Mexico

Jakob Welsh – Temple University

Krystal Welsh – Penn State University

Alicia White – Southeast Missouri State University

Jenna White – Eastern Michigan University

Betsy Zander – George Washington University

Alexandra Zois – George Washington University

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George Washington

Hannah Munnelly

 Betsy Zander

Alexandra Zois



Bekah Jenkins

Heather Launse

Becky Singleton

Ball State


Maria Ramsey


Western Michigan


Ronni Binstock


Arizona State


Zachary Pietsch


Anaya Smith



NC State

Sara Dolan

Rachel Fincham

Amy Langendorf

Stephanie Ouellette

Andrea Petrocelli

Katie Plummer

Gemma Robison


Toi Garcia

Brianna Guy

Stacey Jewitt

Miranda Telmanik



 Natalie Bracciale

Molly Burk

Sarah Meiklejohn

Logan Smith

Anne Sugden

 Penn State

Leigh Capello

Rene Lyst

Krystal Welsh



 Joy Johnson

Shannon Mastrogianis



Melanie Brother

Kristen DeLuca


US Naval Academy

 Linda Petrone

Michelle Reyes


 Krista Gole


 Katie Rue



Michelle Sessions 



Alexis Gross 


Louisiana State

Kelly Duffy




Alanna Bailey





 Meghan Nicollini



Betsy Erickson



 Alexis Greene


 Annie Rue


Iowa State

 Megan Vernon


Ohio State

Stefani Light 


 West Virginia

Tynisha Dennis


 Brown University

Lilly Siems 

Eastern Michigan

 Jenna White

 Illinois - Chicago

 Caryn Saunders


New Hampshire

Amy Ehle


New Mexico

Tracy Weaver 

 Northern Illinois

Lori Lebo 

 Southeast Missouri St

Alicia White 


Texas Women’s University

Erin MacNabb 



Lindsay Margenthaler 


 Ashley Martel

Southern Connecticut St

 Chelcie Rosborough



Monica Durham



West Chester

 Alicia Hopke


Rhode Island

 Mary Shevlin

Brigham Young

Carrie Burk 


 Rhonda Riggs

Oklahoma State

 Lisa Hartmann



Kathryn Roblyer




Lisa Engl







Jakob Welsh





 Celia Manson